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India's #1 Clinical Research Institute in Bangalore for Building a Career in Pharma with CareerInPharma

CareerInPharma stands out among clinical research institutes in Bangalore, focusing on training healthcare professionals for careers in the pharmaceutical industry. Our programs cover clinical research, pharmacovigilance, and medical writing, equipping students with essential skills for various roles in drug development and safety monitoring.

Located in Bangalore, a hub for pharmaceutical research, CareerInPharma offers expert-led training and practical experience through hands-on projects and internships. Join us to launch your career in clinical research and pharmacovigilance, gaining the expertise to succeed in this dynamic field.






Strategically Navigating Your Career in the Pharma Sector Choosing the Right Clinical Research Training Institute

At CareerInPharma, a premier clinical research training institute, we specialize in empowering medical professionals in Bangalore to navigate their career paths within clinical research institutes. Our focus is on fostering meaningful growth and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Discover why we’re recognized as one of the top institutes for career advancement, distinct from traditional recruiting or placement agencies.

Expert-designed course

Developed by our team of industry experts, with the aim of making you job-ready within just a few months,

Resume enhancement

Get your resume and cover letter reviewed, critiqued, and edited

Intensive Training

Customised training with hand holding which keeps you motivated and ongoing

Skilling Softly

As part of soft skills development, we help you to communicate effectively and develop mindsets, behaviors, attitudes, and leadership skills.

Assist in Job Search

Learn how to conduct on-line job market research


Success Stories

Clinical Research
The Booming Career

Clinical research is part of the pharmaceutical industry, which is a multimillion-dollar industry with continuous growth opportunities. 
It is all about drugs and diseases, and we all know we will never be able to get rid of diseases entirely. 
The field of clinical research is always dynamic because diseases stem from the body, which is always changing.
As a result, clinical research jobs will always be stable and recession-proof. 

We Provide all facilities required to conduct a successful job search

  • Design an effective strategy for your job search campaign
  • Learn how to conduct on-line job market research and informational interviews
  • Create personal and professional networks for generating contacts and job leads
  • Encourage you to develop a weekly schedule for job searching
  • Receive ongoing job search coaching through the various phases of your job search
Simplifying job hunting
Get better placement
Pro TIp

Improve your LinkedIn profile to appeal to recruiters

Recieve a perfect interview preparation plan

We help you understand the interview process and areas to focus upon for an interview at your target company.

We help you with Interview Preparation

  • Communicate effectively with employers about your expertise, skills, and value proposition
  • Managing the interview process and preparing strategies for answering challenging interview questions
  • Develop your negotiation skills when it comes to responsibilities, salaries, bonuses, and other benefits
Its a Start of Something New
Creating Opportunities
Hi I am dr Munjal pandya I attended Webinar of career in pharma on 16-4-2024 it was amazing It was full of quality content and perfect guidance for career of doctor in pharma its future and opportunities in pharma as a doctor nationally and internationally. It’s easiest and fast route to settle abroad as well without any licensure exam. Those who don’t want to do clinical practice or tiered of routine job and stress of dealing with patients I think next best option is to join career in pharma which gives you life work balance less stress and quality life along with good money Dr Nima madam Is best to guide you Good luck to all Dr Munjal Pandya
Pallavi Tyagi
Pallavi Tyagi
It's a great platform for learning.. I have enrolled in clinical research and pharmacovigilance. They conduct live lectures every week and also provide complete module and recorded lectures.. They help in every aspect of learning phase and also keep us motivated all the time.. They also help even after completion of course
Vinny Smiley
Vinny Smiley
It is a top quality course ...keep going we need this type of courses to improve ourself ...I have learned a lot from this course ...thank you
Manvi Goel
Manvi Goel
I recently completed a training in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research with Career in Pharma, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The course content was comprehensive, the instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, and the practical insights provided were invaluable. Thanks to this training, I was able to secure a job at Parexel. I highly recommend Career in Pharma to anyone looking to start or advance their career in the pharmaceutical industry. Thank you, Career in Pharma!
Entire team is very professional as well as supportive. They listen to your query carefully & respond to it & resolve it, as soon as possible. Course indeed was helpful to clear some basics about pharma industry. Looking forward for continuation of same team support untill I'll be employed. Thank you, careerinpharma team.😊
Dr. Akanksha Jujgar
Dr. Akanksha Jujgar
Hello,im Dr. Akanksha Jujgar. I have just completed my Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Research from Career in Pharma. And i must stay the course was worth it. Dr. Neema Ma'am explained all the concepts very well and made it easy for us to learn . Dr. Manjula Ma'am also cleared our each and every doubt at every session. The sessions were very informative. Beside the course, the CIP team helped in resume building,LinkedIn profile building and everything. No matter what the time is , they are always ready to help. They are with us from start of the course till we get jobs. So im very glad that i joined the course. Lastly, I will refer anyone who wants to get into PV and CR field to join the CIP. Thank you Dr. Neema Ma'am and the whole CIP team.
Neelam Sidar
Neelam Sidar
Excellent course ! Provided very valuable information for my career.

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