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About CareerInPharma

At CareerInPharma, we specialize in assisting healthcare professionals and Life Science Graduates seeking a seamless transition into the pharmaceutical sector.

Recognizing the unique challenges and aspirations of each and every individual seeking a transition, we offer masterclasses, specialized training, and programs in key domains, including clinical research, pharmacovigilance, clinical data management, and medical writing.

We work at an individual level where we provide customized services as per an individual challenges as CareerInPharma truly believes in transformation and not just information.. Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals and Life Science Graduates to discover their ideal career path, enhance their skills, and prepare for rewarding opportunities within the ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape.

Dr.Neema Bisht (Company - COO)


I am Dr. Neema Bisht, Dentist by degree and a Pharma professional.

After completing my BDS in 2009 and practicing dentistry for six years, I joined the clinical research domain in 2017.

After joining the pharmaceutical industry, I realized that one factor I and many healthcare professionals lacked was awareness, which is why I entered the profession in my early thirties.

As a result of this self-realization, we created CareerInPharma, which provides guidance and training to healthcare professionals on how to make a career in the clinical research industry and become financially independent as soon as they graduate.

Further, I am currently on a mission to guide and train 1,00,000 healthcare professionals on how to enter the clinical research industry and become financially independent.

Mr. Harshit Mohan (Company - CEO)

Harshit Mohan has deep expertise in digital marketing, team management, business development and growth strategies.Using his skills and experience, he takes care of overall growth of CareerInPharma.

By degree he is an engineer and in free time he loves to, go for long walks, read books, go to long drives and explore new places and try his hands at cooking! He prefers to have quality over quantity and speed.

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