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Data Management Mastery In Clinical Data Management


The Data Management Mastery program trains registrants on the domain knowledge of clinical data management and prepares them for jobs in just two months through relevant and concise content.
Whether you are a working professional or a college student with busy schedules, Data Management Mastery is ideal because this program is designed in such a way that you can finish it at your own pace and in your free time, so there are no limits to what days you can complete it.
So, if you want to make a career in Clinical Data Management (CDM), this program is perfect for you. You will understand all the basics of Clinical Data Management, such as what Clinical Data Management is, why it’s required, what a Case Report Form (CRF) is, the types of CRF, review of CRF, what CDM conduct, setup, closeout, and more.
After finishing this program, you can apply for job roles such as Clinical Data Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Data Analytics Associate, Data Management Associate, and more.

Data Management Mastery


100 plus Students already enrolled for this program


Digital Certificates

Intermediate Level

2 months

General Information

  • This is a certificate program in Clinical Data Management (CDM) where you will master all the aspects of Data Management and after this program you will be eligible to apply for the job roles such as Clinical Data Coordinator, Data Management Associate, Data Analyst and so on.
  • This program is a mixture of pre-recorded lectures and live sessions.
  • In this 3-month program, you can go through the program recordings at your convenience on your own time.
  • Program recordings are accessible via an online learning management system.
  • Live sessions will be held every weekend/weekday for clarification of all recording-related questions
  • You will become part of like-minded community
  • Although not required, each participant is expected to take the online final exam.
  • An electronic Certificate of Completion is awarded to each registered participant.
  • There will be job assistance till the time you get the job.

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