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Career in Pharmacovigilance: Advancing Your Professional Path by Choosing the Right Company

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Pharmacovigilance (PV), or drug safety, involves the study of a drug’s effects. In addition to monitoring a drug’s adverse effects, PV protects consumers. A career in Pharmacovigilance can often be very rewarding in clinical research and pharmaceuticals . While many begin their careers as case managers, they find it difficult to advance to line management or technical positions. Senior PV positions can be very competitive and difficult to obtain. The obstacles you encounter while applying for your first job can be overcome by doing research and planning ahead. 

You can advance your Pharmacovigilance career by following these tips. 

Join the right company for a Career in Pharmacovigilance

When companies are hiring for senior positions, candidates must posses the right qualification and experience. It can be difficult, however, to gain critical experience for higher positions, especially in larger companies where case processing teams rarely work with senior managers. PV professionals who feel they do not have enough growth opportunities in their work environment should consider finding and joining a different organization. The change might seem drastic, but A Career in Pharmacovigilance will have lasting benefits for your future. 

How to make a career in Pharmacovigilance
Career in Pharmacovigilance

Careers are shaped by the workplace

When you join a smaller company and team, you will be able to juggle more roles and acquire the experience you need to apply for senior roles in the future.

By joining a company where case processing occurs at the head office, you will have the opportunity to network and work with more senior staff.

You might be better off joining a generics company if you are interested in senior technical roles. In generics, compounds are developed with expired patents and have been on the market for a long time, so the risk of developing generic drugs is lower. With less experience, it is more likely that you will be promoted to signal detection work. 

For those interested in technical roles, joining regulatory or drug safety consultancies like CROs might be a good idea. They often train case processors to move into signal detection roles.

 Additionally, since these companies specialize in outsourcing, you will gain diverse product experience and strengthen your resume. 

By joining a health authority, you will be able to read and analyze drug evaluations submitted by pharmaceutical companies. It is highly desirable for pharmaceutical companies if you know how to obtain approval from regulatory bodies. 

Dentists can pursue Career in Pharmacovigilance
Dentists can pursue Career in Pharmacovigilance

While applying for senior PV jobs can be challenging, there are many ways for starting professionals to build their credentials while having a rewarding career. If you want to learn more about Career in pharmacovigilance, please visit our website We offer an online pharmacovigilance course to help new professionals gain expert insight and improve their qualifications. 

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